man in bra for breast cancer fundraiser

My primary office for work is in Redmond, Oregon. For years, I used to grab lunch a few times a week at Cross Creek Cafe, a lovely local eatery owned by Tammy Mills. They had this amazing Cross Creek wrap. It was one of the things I could eat easily during my chemo months. Tammy had an idea for a breast cancer fundraiser for Sara’s Project. The fundraiser was a Beer for Boobies party, featuring a Men in Bras contest. (I got to be a judge. Hubba hubba. Hard work.)

When I started thinking about fundraising for the Bazooka Bettys, I thought about that fun event. With Tammy’s permission, I’m borrowing the idea for my Men in Bras Fundraiser. I’m excited to host a party for a hundred or so of my closest friends to raise money for the women and families in our community and world affected by breast cancer.

You can see all the details here.


*Cross Creek closed this past year. I miss it, Tammy, and crew dearly. My boss, however, loves the Dawg House that took its place, an awful lot….