Rachel Wente

I’m Rachel, mom to two active, smart, funny sons and two crazy dogs. I’m also a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in Fall 2009, at the beginning of our county fair week. It was a wild ride for a couple years, so I’m glad to be here five years later—running, swimming, working, gardening, rolling my eyes at those now-teenage boys, and enjoying our home in Central Oregon.

I’m excited to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Fund, Sara’s Project, and the American Cancer Society. Each of these organizations does amazing work. A cancer diagnosis, while it’s not something anyone wants to hear, has a much different storyline now than it did even just a decade ago. That’s due in large part to the work of philanthropic support organizations.

Here’s to a future in which a cancer diagnosis is met with a reasonable, let’s even say easy, treatment plan. I want it to be like, “Oh. A rash (cancer). Here’s an ointment. Apply daily for two weeks.”

Thanks for helping me play a role in getting us there.